About Us

Journals retail stores are located in Darlington, Redfern and Five Ways, Paddington.

The inspiration for Journals came in watching the excitement of our young daughter learning to read and write. The pride in her face reminded us of the joys of discovery and creation when one puts pen to paper.

As space is limited, each brand and product must earn its place at Journals. Their stories must be one of quality, inspiring design, sustainability and pedigree.

Our selection spans personal and gift options for the entire life age range and we hope that Journals becomes your first port of call, whenever a gift occasion arises or you just want some retail therapy!

The Journals Team


Ei Leen

Ei Leen may hold an Honours degree in Chemical Engineering and an MBA, but it is her shopping that is worthy of a PhD. The love of shopping is genetic and has now been passed to her daughter.

Humble Paperboy


A second generation Paperboy, he has ink in his veins. Andrew is a prolific reader of magazines. He owns more neck ties than days of the year. Ei Leen sometimes admits Andrew is her husband.

Resident Macgyver


The original Paperboy and father of Andrew, Bruce has a talent for being able to fix anything. He has a love of cars, especially his Landrover. Rocks one of the world's coolest moustaches.

The Uncle


Brother to Bruce, Ken is a snappy dresser who has set the standard for the boys to follow. He loves going to meetings, loves taking copious amounts of notes and hoards them forever.

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