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kate spade NEW YORK

When we started Journals, we knew if we wanted to have the best range of fashion stationery, we had to range Kate Spade. Kate Spade designs range from the minimalist use of gold dots and gold stripes through to exquisite florals. Shouldn't every desk have a gold

Retap Water Bottles

So simple, so beautiful, so functional. When I look to expand our offering, quality, design, sustainability and pedigree guide me. Retap ticks all these boxes. Retap is a Danish design company that set out to improve the way we drink water. Thus, “re” filling with “tap” water. These reddot design

Ecoya – Guava and Lychee Sorbet

A very welcome return! So fresh, so summer! Recently introduced to the core Ecoya range is this wonderful fragrance that was a limited edition a few years ago. I chose Ecoya to be part of the Journals Core Range after reviewing their dedication to their craft and