The September Issues #3


The September Issues, is an independently published print magazine that delivers a powerhouse of diverse, authentic voices in art and fashion. Each issue of the magazine, stunningly printed and packed with arresting images and distinct creative voices, is equal parts fashion, art, and feminism. It has a dual mission: to make fashion a feminist issue, and to create a platform for artists to explore and create work that reflects the evolution of art and culture.

Issue #3:

The REVISIONISM issue examines themes such as as women at the forefront of the evolving cannabis industry, sustainable fashion, environmental awareness, the pressures of social media, and beauty rituals of women over 60 in a collaboration with Gucci Beauty. Other featured works include Paola Kudacki + model Halima Aden’s revisioning of the nature of the relationship between photographer and model,  Zanele Muholi’s  LGBTQI visual activism in South Africa, Linder Sterling’s feminist photomontage, Mary Gabriel’s deep dive into the revolutionary women of abstract expressionism, Brielle ’Tati’ Rheames with Nneka Onuorah on activism + ballroom, Discwoman’s mission to empower women and queer voices in dance music, and Quentin Jones + Cathy Kasterine’s reimagining of model Lorna Foran as a pre-raphelite changeling. This issue also dedicates itself to spreading awareness and inciting action for Waris Dirie’s Desert Flower Foundation and the fight to end FGM worldwide.