Product Review

Retap Water Bottles

So simple, so beautiful, so functional.

When I look to expand our offering, quality, design, sustainability and pedigree guide me.

Retap ticks all these boxes.

Retap is a Danish design company that set out to improve the way we drink water.

Thus, “re” filling with “tap” water.

These reddot design award winning bottles are made from lightweight, heat resistant borosilicate glass that has a lifetime replacement warranty!!

Available in three sizes, 0.3L, 0.5L (my favourite, as it is easy to track my two litres a day) and 0.8L the bottles have BPA free push on lids.

Most importantly, these lids are available in twelve very fashionable colours!

You can personalise you bottle further with a sleeve that gives added grip.

The whole Journals team has emphatically embraced this brand and products and our customers are returning to buy for the rest of their family.

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