Journals is a return to the romance of retail, a curated lifestyle store.



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The Journals Encounter

As the fabulous lighting draws you in, a feast for the senses begins. The diffusers tantalise with their fragrance while the beautiful classical music soothes frayed nerves. Your eyes move from one quality brand to the next. Your hands touch and enjoy the tactile sensation with the assembly of fine products.

Then you see it, it must be yours.

The informed and well-dress staff in Darlington Redfern and also Paddington 5-ways then guide your chosen purchase to a smile filled conclusion.

Journals stocks an inspiring range of personal and print journals including hard to source international magazines.

From the humble daily newspaper and NSW Lotteries to the most chic offerings of Kate Spade, Moleskine, Ted Baker, Leuchtturm, Ecoya, and Lamy, the range at Journals is sure to satisfy.

We look forward to welcoming you to Journals in Sydney, an oasis from the frantic daily maelstrom.